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Parks and Recreation –The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip off Classic (S6, Ep2)



After last week’s excellent hour season premiere in London, this week’s Parks and Recreation was a bit of a let down.  The show always has its moments or subplots that allow an audience to chuckle, but any story that involves Leslie’s mean side bogs down an episode.   When Ben and Leslie trade characteristic (Ben to Positive, Leslie to Negative), the episode feels a little off.  Leslie’s mean side is not pleasurable to watch and takes away from the enjoyment of an episode overall.  It brings back shadows of season one.

It is time for the annual friendly bet between Pawnee and Eagleton over the outcome of the high school basketball game. But as Leslie falls behind in the recall vote, she learns that Pawnee’s arch nemesis Eagleton is going bankrupt.  She attempts to use this to her advantage to regain the vote in her favor.  Meanwhile, Anne and April take a road trip to Bloomington and Ron tries to get “off the grid.”

April, arriving for Vet school orientation, was a bit of a weird plot line, as it never really went anywhere and only served to ease us into the departure of Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones.  April may be afraid to start something new, but it wasn’t discusses and therefore a throw away plot.  Ron’s attempt to get off the grid, was pretty funny, as compared to the other attempted comedy, but realistically, anything Nick Offerman does is pretty much comic gold.  Between the Vine video and trying to buy an RV, I’d say the comedy was moderately successful, especially capping it off with the talk with Diane.  Unlike April’s story, Ron’s final conversation subtexually highlighted his insecurities tying the story together.  Diane is a great match for our favorite anti-government Parks and Recreation boss.

Leslie, as the positive stronghold of plots every week, failed to be the glue this week.  When she get meanly competitive it’s not enjoyable to watch. Kristin Bell is a perfect Eagletonian and balanced her disgust and graciousness towards Pawnee very well.  Ben and Leslie haven’t been very engaging lately, but hopefully the new premise of Eagleton merging with Pawnee with give us some nice stories for the rest of the year.  Like New Girl, I like this fresh, potential game changing plot development.

Some Other thoughts:

  • Ron’s new cell phone is amazing.  “Ew, it has buttons!”
  • Oh, hey there Chris Bosch!
  • I want Michael Buble on retainer.
  • Chris Pratt, off filming Guardians of the Galaxy, is sorely missed.  Thankfully they filmed the first episode in London to get him some screen time.

It wasn’t an awful episode, but not a great one for the best comedy on TV. Yeah, you heard me Modern Family.  Parks and Rec is the best!

Keep on Watchin’!