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Parks and Recreation – New Beginnings (S6, Ep10)

I mean, this show is a pleasure to watch week in and week out. How else is there to describe it.

I even didn’t mind that Leslie wasn’t my favorite version of Leslie this week. (Reminder, spiteful Leslie isn’t a joy to watch.) I like that this week , with a little words of wisdom from Ron, that Leslie was able to correct her mistakes on her own. It was a nice bit of growth. She was rippin’ it. As was Tom, who has grown up a lot.

In the other plots of the evening we had pranks staring the hilarious nervousness of Adam parks-and-recreation-new-beginnings_article_story_mainScott’s Ben and the unsure engagement of out two fleeting cast members.  It’s nice that all of the supporting characters, especially Donna, are getting bigger roles now that Chris and Ann are being shipped off to Michigan. Bringing Ben more directly into that mix is going to add a lot of nice subplots as we move forward.

Is it just me or are Chris and Ann basically not on the show anymore. Did they film all of their plot in a week with limited cast and now the scenes are edited in for the month? They seem to be dragging out their plot and that gives other characters less to do.  Let’s get it together people!

Other thoughts:

  • Ron’s opening and ending bookended this episodes perfectly.
  • Ron’s hidden bacon was brilliant.
  • Once again, I have to point out Adam Scott’s nervous pranking.

Like this episode pointed out, new beginnings are good, so let’s get them started on our side. We’re on the right track to a new place in the Parks world.

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Parks and Recreation – Second Chunce (S6, Ep9)

It’s incredible that we’ve gotten to the 100th episode. After a lackluster first R4P458gseason and a host of expected cancellations, we get to triple digits with TV’s best ensemble comedy.  It wasn’t any better than it usually is tonight, as some plots worked and others didn’t, but it still was consistent as ever.

Taking into account that it was a huge benchmark for the show, the writers centered their theme around new beginnings and moving forward.  What was Leslie going to do, except force another council campaign on herself? Andy’s back, but in a wasted plot line.  Chris and Anne are literally, almost parents of a baby boy. Tom is Rent-a-Swag-less and attempting to make a bigger name for himself in his own community.

These characters are wonderful and it nice to have them back and to have spent so much time with them. To 100 more episodes!

imgresOther thoughts:

  • After listening to the ‘Frozen’ soundtrack one thousand times, it was nice to see Kristin Bell sing, if only for a second.
  • Ron’s one liners still are the highlight of most episodes. “I don’t like French words, but I like business. Go on.”
  • Both of Ben’s gift’s to Leslie were wonderful and made me feel feelings. I wonder if they shot the last segment of the show when they were filming in Europe earlier in the season.
  • I will watch Henry Winkler in anything, especially when he’s being hugged by a singing John-Ralphio.
  • Leslie’s ransom note banners were beyond funny.

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Parks and Recreation – Gin It Up (S6, Ep 4)


This was definitely a stronger outing for this up and down season.  Ron and Tom’s stories were pretty solid, aided by a nice guest appearance by Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany.  The exciting news is that it seems like she’ll stay around for a little bit.

The success of this episode came from the writing of Leslie Knope.  For the first time in a few weeks she’s wasn’t mean/negative/crazy Leslie.  Despite being “Jammed” once again, she kept her heathy winning attitude.  Her brief tension with Donna was a nice way to deal with bad Leslie, although it wasn’t in response to the past two weeks.  It just worked well where it happened to be placed with in this chunk of season.

Other thoughts:

  • Tom is so cute sometimes. Idiotic, but cute.
  • April really needs Andy right now, as nice as she it as a compliment to other story lines.
  • Farting dolls? Always funny.
  • Adam Scott is so good at keeping Ben just far away enough from the annoying line.
  • #Thetweetswereawesome #bossbitch #bitchboss #semantics
  • Sometime I have a hard time of believing that the town of Pawnee would be this stupid and listen to Jam, but the show over all these seasons keeps the world so consistent that it always kinda works.
  • It’s nice to see Retta get the spotlight a little more.  Now, with Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones leaving (who wasn’t even in this episode), maybe we’ll spend some more time with the others.

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Parks and Recreation – Doppelgangers (S6, Ep3)


There you are Parks and Rec.  A really solid improvement over last week’s dud, last night’s Parks was a well balanced episode.

The transition into Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones exit is working pretty well so far, in part to Leslie and Ben’s wonderful reactions.  It will be sad to see them go, but if certain characters are going to have to leave, it would be those two.  They’re justifying the exit in the world of the show, very well.  I’m happy it’s not going to be an abrupt, one episode deal.  It would affect these characters greatly, so we get to see that before they leave.

The new Eagleton employees filtering into certain departments also worked pretty well.  On most shows you’d find the dopplegangers to be way too similar to their counterparts, but you have to hand it to the writers in finding a clever way around that cliche.  Eric is a computer program? Brilliant.  Craig is an out of control sass fest? Perfect.  Ron’s counterpart starts as his dream friend, but quickly turns into his worst nightmare?  Funny stuff.  It was stuffed with comedy, based on existing facts we know about the characters set against the ‘loyalty meltdown’ of Leslie Knope.  I love that everybody was apathetic about actually losing their jobs (except Tom because who wants to lose to a computer program).  They didn’t care and ended up staying anyway.

Some other thoughts:

  • I really really really hope Craig stays on.
  • The April shenanigans should have gotten old fast, but I have to say I laughed the whole time.  I know too many people like Tynyfer. (Spelling? I know it has two Ys.)  It made me forget for a half second that Chris Pratt isn’t around.
  • Donna was on fire.  I especially liked, “…and my fiance in Denver.  It won’t last.”
  • I really liked seeing June Diane Raphael on TV again. She always brings her A game to everything she does.
  • Ben and Chris teaming up again to cut Eagleton’s budget was a great flashback to why they worked so well as an addition years ago.  It was a pleasure watching them work together, highlighted by the dinner that just wasn’t the same.  A really nice way to show their evolution.
  • Anne’s waffle distraction was the single best moment this season so far.  No questions asked.
  • Leslie’s still a little out there, but better than last week.
  • I love that Gerry/Larry is back, but didn’t they seem more mean than usual to him?

Nice step forward after a misfire, Parks and Rec.

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Parks and Recreation –The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip off Classic (S6, Ep2)



After last week’s excellent hour season premiere in London, this week’s Parks and Recreation was a bit of a let down.  The show always has its moments or subplots that allow an audience to chuckle, but any story that involves Leslie’s mean side bogs down an episode.   When Ben and Leslie trade characteristic (Ben to Positive, Leslie to Negative), the episode feels a little off.  Leslie’s mean side is not pleasurable to watch and takes away from the enjoyment of an episode overall.  It brings back shadows of season one.

It is time for the annual friendly bet between Pawnee and Eagleton over the outcome of the high school basketball game. But as Leslie falls behind in the recall vote, she learns that Pawnee’s arch nemesis Eagleton is going bankrupt.  She attempts to use this to her advantage to regain the vote in her favor.  Meanwhile, Anne and April take a road trip to Bloomington and Ron tries to get “off the grid.”

April, arriving for Vet school orientation, was a bit of a weird plot line, as it never really went anywhere and only served to ease us into the departure of Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones.  April may be afraid to start something new, but it wasn’t discusses and therefore a throw away plot.  Ron’s attempt to get off the grid, was pretty funny, as compared to the other attempted comedy, but realistically, anything Nick Offerman does is pretty much comic gold.  Between the Vine video and trying to buy an RV, I’d say the comedy was moderately successful, especially capping it off with the talk with Diane.  Unlike April’s story, Ron’s final conversation subtexually highlighted his insecurities tying the story together.  Diane is a great match for our favorite anti-government Parks and Recreation boss.

Leslie, as the positive stronghold of plots every week, failed to be the glue this week.  When she get meanly competitive it’s not enjoyable to watch. Kristin Bell is a perfect Eagletonian and balanced her disgust and graciousness towards Pawnee very well.  Ben and Leslie haven’t been very engaging lately, but hopefully the new premise of Eagleton merging with Pawnee with give us some nice stories for the rest of the year.  Like New Girl, I like this fresh, potential game changing plot development.

Some Other thoughts:

  • Ron’s new cell phone is amazing.  “Ew, it has buttons!”
  • Oh, hey there Chris Bosch!
  • I want Michael Buble on retainer.
  • Chris Pratt, off filming Guardians of the Galaxy, is sorely missed.  Thankfully they filmed the first episode in London to get him some screen time.

It wasn’t an awful episode, but not a great one for the best comedy on TV. Yeah, you heard me Modern Family.  Parks and Rec is the best!

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