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Parks and Recreation – New Beginnings (S6, Ep10)

I mean, this show is a pleasure to watch week in and week out. How else is there to describe it.

I even didn’t mind that Leslie wasn’t my favorite version of Leslie this week. (Reminder, spiteful Leslie isn’t a joy to watch.) I like that this week , with a little words of wisdom from Ron, that Leslie was able to correct her mistakes on her own. It was a nice bit of growth. She was rippin’ it. As was Tom, who has grown up a lot.

In the other plots of the evening we had pranks staring the hilarious nervousness of Adam parks-and-recreation-new-beginnings_article_story_mainScott’s Ben and the unsure engagement of out two fleeting cast members.  It’s nice that all of the supporting characters, especially Donna, are getting bigger roles now that Chris and Ann are being shipped off to Michigan. Bringing Ben more directly into that mix is going to add a lot of nice subplots as we move forward.

Is it just me or are Chris and Ann basically not on the show anymore. Did they film all of their plot in a week with limited cast and now the scenes are edited in for the month? They seem to be dragging out their plot and that gives other characters less to do.  Let’s get it together people!

Other thoughts:

  • Ron’s opening and ending bookended this episodes perfectly.
  • Ron’s hidden bacon was brilliant.
  • Once again, I have to point out Adam Scott’s nervous pranking.

Like this episode pointed out, new beginnings are good, so let’s get them started on our side. We’re on the right track to a new place in the Parks world.

Keep on Watchin’!


Parks and Recreation – Second Chunce (S6, Ep9)

It’s incredible that we’ve gotten to the 100th episode. After a lackluster first R4P458gseason and a host of expected cancellations, we get to triple digits with TV’s best ensemble comedy.  It wasn’t any better than it usually is tonight, as some plots worked and others didn’t, but it still was consistent as ever.

Taking into account that it was a huge benchmark for the show, the writers centered their theme around new beginnings and moving forward.  What was Leslie going to do, except force another council campaign on herself? Andy’s back, but in a wasted plot line.  Chris and Anne are literally, almost parents of a baby boy. Tom is Rent-a-Swag-less and attempting to make a bigger name for himself in his own community.

These characters are wonderful and it nice to have them back and to have spent so much time with them. To 100 more episodes!

imgresOther thoughts:

  • After listening to the ‘Frozen’ soundtrack one thousand times, it was nice to see Kristin Bell sing, if only for a second.
  • Ron’s one liners still are the highlight of most episodes. “I don’t like French words, but I like business. Go on.”
  • Both of Ben’s gift’s to Leslie were wonderful and made me feel feelings. I wonder if they shot the last segment of the show when they were filming in Europe earlier in the season.
  • I will watch Henry Winkler in anything, especially when he’s being hugged by a singing John-Ralphio.
  • Leslie’s ransom note banners were beyond funny.

Keep on Watchin’!