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Nashville – Hanky Panky Woman (S2, Ep8)


It definitely feels like season one a bit more, but realistically, it’s not even close.  The story lines are just as dramatic, but let’s face it, the music isn’t as good and the character depth can be found in the kiddie pool.

We haven’t seen Lamar or Will in what feels like a lifetime and while all of these new characters and set pieces are flashy, it doesn’t feel like the show that I signed up for with out the music.  The drama isn’t enough.  I’m not having the fun I used to have.

This week, Deacon actually showed up big time for Scarlett. The Rayna/Deacon dynamic is always interesting, so finally they added Scarlett directly to the mix.  Gunnar couldn’t get any more boring, but at least they’re attempting to implement him into a scenario that could benefit in drama for our viewing pleasure.

Avery and Juliette are a great dynamic, now that they are friends and sharing with each other.  It feels more real and grounded, opening up Juliette to be able for us to understand her more.  The situation that got her into the discussion is absurd, but keeps me interested.

Notice how all of the people I mention are our original characters? Yeah, let’s keep them main stream and exciting.

Other thoughts:

The Peggy/Teddy stuff is so ‘paint by numbers’ TV plot that it’s not even remotely interesting.  It doesn’t help that it couldn’t be executed in any more of a more mundane manner.

Jeff has become such a “twirl his mustache” bad guy that he isn’t interesting as an obstacle any more.

That cliff hanger was just… come on. Try harder. Please?

I did love seeing Rayna attempting to save Scarlett.  We forget how much true power she holds and including the crowd to show that every once in a while helps.

Keep on watchin’!


Nashville – Don’t Open That Door (S2, Ep5)


Nashville! Wednesday Night. Best Night Ever! Rayna. Deacon. Scarlett. Will. Gunnar. Teddy. Super crazy Peggy. What will happen this week?

Okay. Okay. Fine, I’ll tell you.

Deacon and his Life: After deciding to leave the music business for his own good, Deacon finally finds himself in a solid place. He’s still dating the doctor and as happy as he could be after he recent car accident past. People recognize him as the “Deacon Claybourne,” but he only says that he used to be that guy. Juliette approaches him, asking for him to return as her band leader for her newly devised tour. He declines, admitting his hand isn’t better and that he no longer wants to live that life style. Juliette lets it slip that Rayna is having trouble singing and getting back to her old form. Deacon is shocked by this information, so he visits her to talk. When these two get together the chemistry always flows. In the episode’s best scene, Rayna and Deacon tell each other that they can’t give up on the music industry that they’ve helped to shape. There is no other choice for these two musicians. Deacon uses this pep talk to influence his advice with Scarlett later on. She wants to give up, as she isn’t keen on the non-music aspects of the business. Deacon attempts to convince her to stay in the game, as she’ll miss it too much, as he is beginning to realize.

Rayna and her Voice: Rayna is still trying to course correct her vocal issues with vocal instruction, but isn’t making much progress on the mental aspect of her recovery. She’s so afraid that is won’t heal, that her voice isn’t healing as fast as it normally would. Her life is full of stress and tension at this point, as Edgehill is pushing her to finish the record and only see her label as a side project to help artisits that the big conglomerate will eventually sign to a contract. Rayna then asks her father for the money to buy out her contract so that she can make the album she wants with no outside hands harassing her or her music. Later at the concert, Rayna makes a surprise appearance to invite Juliette to join the Grand Old Opry, but it’s really just a ploy to get her onstage. When she is basically forced to sing, her fear takes over. After the audience and band leader help her by singing along, she gains the courage to finish the song. Boy does she nail it. Now, with her voice and confidence back, she called Jeff out on spreading the rumor of her voice disappearing and reveals her plan to leave Edgehill for her own record.

Scarlett and her Naiveté: Will, Layla, and Scarlett are prepping for the music school benefit performance. The show features the “youngsters” of the Edgehill label, so they are all being taken in for media training. Scarlett, who isn’t the red carpet type like Will and Layla are, is told to condense her story and be more direct about it. She can’t alienate her fans by saying she “fell into” a singing career. As Layla and Scarlett are preparing to head out onto the carpet, Layla suggests that she ditch her notecards, just be herself, and wing it during interviews. Scarlett does this to with no success. Edgehill’s Jeff watches her crash and burn, so after the tense argument, he sends her away. Luckily this distraught singer/song writer goes home to her uncle for a little pep talk. When she goes home from the event, Will sees Layla smiling and calls her out on sabotaging Scarlett. Will, holding a little grudge with Layla, is asked by Edgehill to create the illusion that they are together, as the fans love it!

Juliette and her Pride: Even though Juliette suggested that Layla open for her revamped tour, she’s already over the annoying new pop princess. In an effort to shorten Layla’s set time, she negotiates with Jeff to pick and Edgehill male to play with the two girls. Juliette picks Will (who is grateful to his ex-lover/PR guy for the opportunity), but still needs a band leader. At the concert, she is surprised to see that Rayna is onstage, but is shocked when she’s asked to join the Grand Old Opry. This is a tremendous honor for the young star. As she is backstage with her manager, they over hear Rayna discussing how her invitation was just a ploy to get Rayna at the event. Seeing that even close people can’t be trusted, she apologizes to Avery, who is thankful for her apology, but also turns her deal, to rejoin the band, down.

Gunnar and Friends: Gunnar and Avery have teamed up to write music. Now that they both work at the Bluebird Café, they have time to sit and create during the day. After Avery suggests that their new song needs a female voice, they bring in Zoey to fill in the vocal blanks. This, of course, leads to Gunnar and Zoey hooking up and causing a whole new web of issues. Zoey sneaks away in the morning, unsure of what just happened in the context of their friendship.

Lamar and his Daughter: Lamar meets with Teddy in an attempt to settle their differences once and for all. Lamar offers to be a sponser on a Nashville music festival that Teddy is trying to put up, but is denied. He wants no part in Lamar’s want to get back into the financial circus that is Nashville city development. After learning that her father may have been behind the death of her mother, Tandy turns her dad into the Federal Government. In order to receive immunity, she is not allowed to mention what she has done to anybody. Just and Tandy is about to confess to her father, the episode ends with Lamar swearing his revenge on Teddy, who he believes is behind this all.

After a few weeks of uneven storytelling, this episode is more along the lines of what we want from this show. Plots and characters have settled and begun to develop, but the music is still lacking. I did, however, enjoy Avery and Gunnar’s new song. Now that the larger puzzles are falling into place, I expect this show to cruise nicely through this nice season.

Keep On Watchin’!


Nashville – I Don’t Want To Talk About It Now (S2, Ep3)


TGIT.  Thank God It’s Thursday! (Cause we can talk about last night’s Nashville, duh.)  Rayna and the gang are back to their old southern soapy shenanigans and we get to watch!  Let’s cut the introduction short and just get right back into it because it’s been a long week without a healthy helping of a scheming, eye rolling, and jealous Juliette Barnes.

Episode three finds Rayna and Teddy finalizing their divorce.  After all of the talk, it is finally official in a civil manner.  Remorse is conveyed, but the two realize that it’s not going to work anymore and their kids are better off.  Jeff Fordham, the newly introduced head of Edgehill records meets with Juliette, apologizing for getting off on the wrong foot.  Juliette, still upset over Jeff’s new youth star hire, refuses to sing at the shareholders showcase along with Will, Rayna and Scarlett.  She has a previous obligation to sing at a fan’s private five-year anniversary party.

Rayna, wanting out of her Edgehill contract, meets with her former album producer and lover, Liam McGuiness, to try and get her old record back on track.  After refusing her, Liam changes his tune, as he agrees to help Rayna finish her album only if she apologizes for leaving him at the airport late in season one.  The chemistry is still hot and heavy!

Elsewhere in Nashville…

Teddy visits Peggy, dropping off money that takes care of her during, what he believes to be, her pregnancy.  Peggy, desperate to get Teddy back, tries to lure him in by showing her soft family side.  Gunnar, obsessed with perfecting his new song, once again tries to ignore Will, who believes the song to be great.  Even though he has a song writing contract, he seems to be stuck in a rut, as Will and Scarlett’s careers keep rising.  These two ‘rising stars’ are treated to a stylist session for the showcase, where Will asks Zoe to attend the concert with him.  She agrees, but finds out the she, Scarlett, Will, and Gunnar will be going all together (In an Edgehill limo nonetheless!).

Taking a backseat this week, Juliette and Avery are in Maryland for a private concert for a wealthy family’s anniversary.  Olivia and Charlie Wentworth have paid a lot of money to have Juliette to perform, so when Charlie asks to play guitar along side of her for a song, she happily agrees.  Avery and Juliette have been getting closer as of late, so when she refers to him as somebody “just on payroll,” he gets offended.  During the performance the tension is felt, especially when Charlie is onstage.  Post concert, Avery and Juliette have a blow out that ends in his firing.  Once again, Juliette is alone by her own undoing.

Her first former guitarist is dealing with demons of his own.  Deacon, after deciding to get help from the doctors to manage his hand pain, has returned to AA.  Coleman, his friend and sponsor, reveals to Deacon that he’s moving away to escape the drama of Nashville.  Before leaving, Coleman expresses his love for Deacon, but warns him to deal with his father issues.  Until he can come to terms with that aspect of his life, he can never handle the Maddie situation with clarity.  After visiting Teddy, insuring him that Teddy will always be Maddie’s dad, Deacon goes back to AA to finally share his past.  In their talk, Teddy opens Deacon’s eyes.  Maddie will never unlearn the information of Deacon’s fatherhood, so she will always be watching him and his choices.  In a very moving scene at AA, Deacon exposes his childhood through a story about how his mother was beaten by his father in front of him.  He is afraid he’s already become his drunkard dad.

Rayna’s Surprising Revelation…

Jeff speaks with Rayna about performing at the showcase.  She hesitantly agrees, but when she’s at a recording session, we find out that—

BOMBSHELL: Ranya can’t sing! AHHHHH!

Her voice hasn’t been the same since the intubation and she doesn’t know if she can rerecord the tracks for her new album!  She can’t sing at the showcase either!  Liam agrees to try and delay the album until she can possibly recover.  Then they make out and sleep together because, well, it’s Nashville! Also, their chemistry is through the roof!

Finally, all the missing music comes out to play at the shareholder’s showcase.  Will, who decides to play Gunnar’s song, is a big hit.  Gunnar, after starting angry, finally comes around, secretly enjoying the  success of his song.  It’s that he’s not into the help from Will.  Rayna, following up Will, deceives Jeff and introduces Scarlett who performs instead of her.

Where We Are For Next Week…

Rayna and Jeff have aggressive words with each other.  Jeff is slowly realizing that Rayna wants to split, but doesn’t know of her vocal condition.  Teddy, missing the idea of a family, ends up kisses Peggy, who is getting exactly what she wants.  How’s she going to explain the non-pregnancy?  And finally, poor, poor Juliette.  As she stumbles around drunk after the concert, Juliette runs into Charlie, who kisses her.  Per usual, she makes the poor decision and closes her door with him inside.

And that’s your Nashville for the week.

Something is missing from this season.  I’m definitely not having as much fun as I once was, but it’s more than that.  Sure there’s less music and more convoluted plot, but it comes down to character building.  It seems like the characters are only hitting plot points and not earning the relationships that intertwine with them.  For instance, we haven’t spent enough time with Avery and Juliette bonding for us to care about their fight.  The writers are banking on the fact that we like them from season one, so we’ll buy into it all.  Same with Gunnar, Will, Scarlett, and Zoe’s love quadrangle.  Zoe is a newly random character who we have no attachment too and Gunnar’s been such a downer that we’re apathetic to anything he does.  We haven’t spent enough time caring about everybody, so why would I care what he or she does or who he or she is kissing?  When the characters suffer, plot is obsolete.  “Real” heartfelt moments are being sacrificed for “GASP” moments and it’s not working.

Other Thoughts:

  • Charles Esten is doing some excellent work on this show and that should not go overlooked.
  • I am so over all Juliette making the same mistakes over and over and over and over again.  Better shows have their characters move on and make new mistakes.
  • Gunnar needs to change immediately.  It is not fun to watch somebody mope for an hour with no purpose.  Why have him as a character if we’re not going to have fun with him!?
  • I like Will, but they need to give him more to do. He’s getting way too one dimensional, but still more fun than Gunnar!
  • Rayna has healed incredibly well and insanely fast for somebody recently on the brink of death.
  • We need more music throughout the whole episode.  By keeping it all for the end, the show has no time to breathe.  We get plot overload for 45 minutes and then 15 minutes of too much stop and go time!

Let’s get it back on track Nashville.  I believe in you! Until next week…

Keep on Watchin’!


Nashville – Never No More (S2, Ep2)

MIFpLVc20ltlYou can stay here and read below or check it out in a fancier format on haveuheard.net!

Are you having a tough time getting through this work week?  Well, have no fear because it’s Wednesday and you know what that means!  Music, Lights, and Diva Star Power!  We have Rayna James and company to get us just past that midweek hump!

After last week’s somber episode answered all of the season one cliffhanger questions, let’s see if episode two has a spark to light the way to a more energized hour.  Rayna is out of her coma, Juliette needs a hit album, Deacon is getting out of jail, Gunnar wants Scarlett back, and Will wants only stardom.  There’s so much going on in Nashville this week! What could happen next!?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because I’ll tell you what happened next…


We open with Juliette making a guest appearance on ‘Conan’ to promote her album, “Inside the Dream.”  Of course she’s asked about Rayna, who has been released from the hospital into the care of Teddy.  She’s back at home with her children, of which Maddy is still very upset.  Juliette is quite resentful that on her media tour all she talks about is Rayna, Rayna, Rayna!

Edgehill Records has a new boss in town, Jeff Fordham, who is shaking things up in Nashville.  He’s a man who only sees numbers and the business side of things, having very little interest in the art.  Juliette feels threatened as her sales are down.  On the other hand, Jeff has an encouraging meeting with Rayna, pledging his allegiance to her smaller label and work.

Nashville is in for a little two-step shake up!

Things may be going well for the country diva on the business side of life, but her home is another matter entirely.  Maddy and Rayna attempt to have a conversation about all that has transpired.  Maddy won’t hear it as she’s confused and upset, for good reason, of course.  There is no solving this situation in the moment for Rayna.  While this aspect of Rayna’s home life continues to get worse, her car accident ordeal seems to be bringing Teddy closer to her.

Deacon, returning home from jail, has a new caretaker: his niece Scarlett.  His anger has taken over his being, but Scarlett won’t have it.  She takes him to see the doctor Juliette set up for his hand.  The stubborn Deacon can’t forgive himself for what he’s done to Rayna, so he opts to have his hand put in a cast.  This, of course, will make it much harder for his hand to fully heal, not allowing him to play the guitar.  Deacon is punishing himself for his sins.

Jeff seemed like a nice enough guy in the early goings, but shocker, he’s not!  While watching Will rock out at a bar performance, Jeff offers him a spot as a new emerging solo artist for Edgehill records, which would poach him away from Rayna.  And, in another twist: Jeff’s PR guy? Will’s ex-boyfriend! AHHH! (I may need a Nashville family tree for this episode.)

Moving onto the sales hungry Juliette Barnes:

During Juliette’s trip to her old trailer park stomping grounds in Alabama (I know, I know. That’s not Nashville), an old neighbor surprises her with a quilt.  Apparently this neighbor was a big part of her young life when her drug-addicted mother wasn’t around.  Juliette quickly rejects the quilt; a reminder of the past.  As Juliette wanders her hometown, she has a hard time keeping her emotions in check, blaming it on her attempt to sell more albums.  Her filmed origin story will manipulate her audiences into buy her new, heartfelt record.  Avery can only watch as she struggles through her past for marketing purposes.

Rayna, having felt the forced affection, confronts Teddy about living together in the wake of her accident.  She believes that it confuses the kids, as they aren’t getting back together.  Teddy just wants his family back, acknowledging that he knows they’ll never be together again.  In another move to clean up her newly messy life, Rayna approaches Will about his possibly leaving her label for Edgehill.  She genuinely seems to care about Will, his choices, and his future as an artist, siting that Jeff will not have his back in the long run.

What’s happening with Gunnar you ask? Well, let me tell you.

Gunnar has hit a major wall when it comes to lyrics.  He’s in his head about Scarlett and frustrated by the world. He snaps at Will, ignoring him, even though Will seems ready to open up about the decisions that he has to make.  Luckily Gunnar is interrupted by Zoe, Scarlett’s best friend.  Although she only comes to pick up some items for her BFF, Zoe helps Gunnar through the darkness by giving him some worldly advice.  Later, at the Bluebird Café, he premieres his new song, about the pain of his brother’s death.  This brilliant, heart wrenching song makes Will realize that he’ll never be as talented as his roommate.  Also, cue longing stares from Zoe.

In the episodes’ most anticipated moment, Deacon calls Rayna and they meet near the site of the accident.  Deacon didn’t know what else to do, but call his ex to help him through his struggles. Rayna has no choice but to reject his camaraderie.  This is a new beginning for her and they need to save themselves, not each other.  In a heartbreaking instant, she returns the original engagement ring, kept as a memento/reminder all these years.  Deacon tosses it into the flower shrine in defeat.  He wants nothing to do with music anymore, so he decides to sell his guitars.  Scarlett, however, grows an even bigger backbone and calls her uncle out on all of his excuses and negativity.  He reveals the reason he broke thirteen years of sobriety: Maddy.  In an amazing moment, Scarlett tells him that it isn’t worth throwing what he loves the most away: Music.  Deacon, finally seeing the stupidity in his actions, has a reversal and attempts to saw off his cast.

And now for the Edgehill party:

After being assured by his ex-boyfriend that his secret is safe, Will agrees to join Edgehill as a solo act.  He doesn’t see himself as an artist with Rayna, only a front man with Jeff.   Juliette proudly attends the party, as her Country Music TV special gives her reason to brag.  Her numbers are up on iTunes and can flaunt it in Jeff’s face.  But as we’ve learned so far this episode, Jeff’s no good!  It turns out that Jeff has signed a 19 year old singer, who didn’t even win her reality show, to cater toward Juliette’s fading tween demographic.  She even sings a Juliette Barnes song at the party. Rude!  Rayna sees that Jeff is undercutting Juliette, so she wants out as soon as possible.  She wants nothing to do with the label that she helped to build.

Woo! Now this is the Nashville I know and love.  This week brought more of the drama, backstabbing, and genuine feeling.  Rayna, having missed a week last episode, was on an extended screen time rampage!  It was really nice to have her back, as this show can only go so far with out her.  And did she look good after her coma or what?!  It’s like she was never in one to begin with!

What I liked about this week is that with all the new characters and plot we were thrown, we were still treated to a nice sprinkling of character moments.  That’s why we come back week after week, right? For those relationships and wonderful character chemistry.  Rayna and Deacon still have it and their scene, for me at least, stole the show.  Behind all that hurt, there is still an immense amount of love, and that always shines through, regardless of circumstance.

The writers seem to be moving away from the fallout of the premiere pretty quickly with all the new characters and stories.  I hope the ramifications of the cliffhangers linger through the season further than the first few episodes. But, this week we were treated to some really enjoyable plot developments, which, I assume, will make this season all the more interesting.

Some other thoughts:

  • Maddy is turning her sister against the family. Oh my!
  • Lamar and Peggy were left out this week, but I’m sure their time will come.  Honestly, I forgot about their plot lines, as I am not as invested in their cliché nature.
  • The songs this week were a little lackluster, but as forgettable as they may be afterwards, I always enjoy them in the moment.  Gunnar’s performance was the definite standout musically.
  • The Avery and Juliette friend dynamic seems genuine and interesting.  I hope that is explored more before they hook up again. (I mean, come on. It’s going to happen.)
  •  Zoe and Gunnar are just asking for trouble.
  •  I LOVE that Scarlett has developed a real feisty spirit since day one.  Her new backbone is encouraging.

Have a good week and try not to miss Tennessee too much!

Keep on Watchin’!


Nashville – I Fall To Pieces (S2, Ep1)

Will Rayna survive the car crash?

Read below or check me out at haveuheard.net! (I suggest going there, as it’s fancier.)

Welcome back to Nashville, y’all! (Too much Tami Taylor in there? Okay, we’ll infuse some more Rayna James for now.)

Last year’s season one finale ended with a bang! Well, more like a crash, DNA reveals, role reversals, mother deaths, CMA awards, pregnancies, proposals, U.S. Attorney Generals, and kitchen sinks.  It was a fun, yet uneven, first season and I can’t wait for the sophomore year of this country soap opera. And please, bring on the new songs!

In the premiere, we start right where we left off.  Deacon escapes the SUV with Ranya in tow, as we flashback to younger versions of our favorite characters.  We get to see a glimpse of the happy couple at the beginning of Rayna’s rise to fame only to find out that she is currently in an induced coma in our present circumstances.

Deacon, on the other hand, is being held for a DUI with an involuntary manslaughter charge looming over him if Rayna doesn’t survive.  His bail? One million dollars.  He, of course, chooses not to retain an attorney as he intends to plead guilty to everything.   Now that the major cliffhanger has been resolved, we are whisked away to the land of the country pop princess, Juliette Barnes.  In the aftermath of Rayna’s tragic accident, her album is holding an overwhelming lead in the charts as the number one album. Ms. Barnes wants her own album pushed back, as she doesn’t want it tainted by Rayna’s condition.  Her manager will not allow it.

We then shift gears to the Bluebird Café, where Scarlett is working her last shift before starting her life as a legit writer for Rayna James.   She gives a longing look towards a performing ex-boyfriend turned friend, Avery, which brings us to our first song of the new season!

In other news, we discover that Gunnar proposal was turned down, as he and Will begin to start a new roommate bond together after last seasons awkward sexual advancements.  Will tries to cheer up Gunner, suggesting they party, get drunk, and see where the night (and ladies) takes them.

BOOM! We’re in it now! Welcome back to Nashville, y’all! (Better?)

In a smaller plot line left dangling from last season, we are reintroduced to Peggy, as she confirms to Mayor Ted, that she is pregnant, intending on keeping the child.  Ted wants nothing to do with the baby, but will help as much as he can without a big scandal.  As the episode continues, Peggy is heartbroken to find that she has had a miscarriage.

Scarlett, interrupting rehearsal for Juliette’s unmoved release party, asks for help from the young diva to bail her uncle out of jail.  Juliette refuses, stating that he’s an addict and can’t be helped.  She is clearly still haunted by her addict mother’s death.  Later in the episode, Juliette begins to use Rayna’s circumstances to her benefit.  She dedicates a song at her release concert to the fallen diva and invites her audience to hold a candlelight vigil outside of the hospital.  By seeming concerned and distraught, Juliette hopes to boost the sale of her own album.

Gunnar and Will throw a party in their newly christened digs and, of course, Will’s ex-boyfriend appears.  They get into it and just as they are about to get hot and heavy again, Will breaks it up and throws his friend out of the party, alienating him.  We later see Will’s remorse, as he won’t hook up with the random party girl.  Gunnar can’t seem to still get over Scarlett, so they decide to burn her couch, which ends the party abruptly, as the local firemen need to put out the living room furniture.  Gunnar then escapes to Scarlett’s good-bye party.  He doesn’t want to fall into old, season one, bad boy habits.

Meanwhile at the Nashville hospital…

Ranya is taken out of the coma, but doesn’t respond well as her family waits patiently for good news.  Lamar, Rayna’s father, and Tandy, her sister, are still at odds over the family business, but try to be civil for their family’s sake.  Then, in one of the most interesting dynamics of the episode, Juliette tries to genuinely comfort Maddie, Rayna’s daughter, who believes that all of the bad luck is her own fault.  If she hadn’t found out that Deacon was her father, none of this would have happened.  Juliette gives Maddie her phone number, as she believes she knows what it’s like to be lied to by a mother.  Juliette is more affected by this tragedy than she realizes, as two of her motherly figures are disappearing so quickly.

Back at the Bluebird Café…

Gunnar shows up at Scarlett’s party (Scarlett had just returned from seeing her broken uncle at the prison), only to see Avery being all buddy, buddy with their mutual ex.  But in a nice mini twist, Scarlett invites Gunnar onstage to sing, “Why I Can’t Say Goodnight;” a beautiful song to underscore the weekly montage.  Their chemistry is still there, but with new obstacles.  As Gunnar says, he’ll never give up on somebody he loves.

The episode ends with Rayna out of the coma, feeling better, with no memory loss, as she lets Deacon off the hook.  She admits that she was driving and Deacon is not responsible for the accident.  He is released from prison, even before Juliette can help Scartlett post bail (as she final decides to help).

Additionally, Peggy lies to Teddy, telling him that the baby is healthy.  “Always best to leave the past behind,” Lamar relates to his daughter.  They both agree to move on as soon as possible. This all is played out as the U.S. Attorney General’s Office tells Tandy that Lamar may have been behind their mother car accident years earlier.  The past may not stay in the past after all.

Weaved throughout the episode were short vignette flashbacks to the basic history of Rayna and Deacon. We witness it all, from their sober beginnings, to a drunken proposal, ending with the pregnancy cover up.  It mapped the quick escalation of Deacon’s alcoholism and reminded us, the audience, how connected and troubled these two lovers were and continue to be.  It was a nice, understated touch to relate the flashbacks to what Rayna’s mind was cycling through in her coma memory rush.

Overall, this episode had an extremely somber feel, which I hope doesn’t continue as the season moves forward. There was a definite lack of energy that even the three musical numbers couldn’t salvage.  The songs were nice mixture of concert fun and emotional plot, but nothing stood out, other than the chemistry of Scarlett and Gunnar.  It cleaned up and streamlined the outrageous finale, setting us up for some interesting plots lines and character pairings moving forward.  It’s a show that, so far, one episode into its second season, has delivered what it promised.

A few last thoughts:

  • If the Emmy’s had a category for longing stares, Avery, Gunnar, and Scarlett would win every year.
  • I find it interesting that Juliette is trying to sabotage Avery and Scarlett’s flirting.  But what can I say; she has a thing for her bandleaders.
  • In maybe the loveliest moment of the premiere, Juliette recalls listening to Rayna’s hits with her own mom and wanting to be like her Diva Idol.
  • Does the “Lamar and their mother’s death” plot seem too predictable and cliché? A little, but we are watching a soap opera, more or less.
  • It was a very bold choice to keep Rayna in a coma and on the sidelines for most of of the episode.  Thankfully it worked, as we were reminded that both her presence and lack of presence is the centerpiece of this show.  Long Live Connie Britton!

What will happen in Tennessee next week!? I can’t wait because anything can happen in Nashville.

Keep on Watchin’!