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HIMYM – Mom and Dad (S9, Ep10)


How-I-Met-Your-Mother-Episode-9.10-Mom-and-Dad-Promotional-Photos-1_FULLOh man… We’re back at the Farhampton Inn.  At least we can hope Barney won’t be a total crazy person.

Oh man… He’s unjustifiably crazy.  Perhaps Wayne Brady will redeem his character this week with the return of his father?!

Oh man… Was there anything good about this poor follow up episode to last week’s pretty good episode?

Sure!  The guest stars of course!

Ben Vereen! John Lithgow! Will Zabka!  All three were nice to see back, but, like the other guest stars this season, they are wasted in a mediocre outing.  Alas, poor HIMYM.  Maybe Marshall will arrive now that Daphne’s story is happily over.  (We can only hope.)

What was the highlight you ask?  Why is was the Pineapple incident of course!  Let’s just hope that this miscalculation of a season can give us a few more good episodes before we have to say good bye.

Keep on Watchin’!