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HIMYM – How Your Mother Met Me (S9, Ep 16)

Now, no amount of greatness is going to magically give me back the time I spent luging through the first half of this season, but boy was this one good.

It both makes me angry and happy that this is what we got this week.  On one hand, this how-your-mother-met-me-yellow-umbrellawas the best episode in years, as the writers used their strengths to make it work.  They used their knowledge of the show, their solid emotional core, and the excitement of the new character to engage every inch of of viewing experience. SO WHY DID IT TAKE THEM THIS LONG TO DO IT RIGHT? I mean, come on.

But let’s just take this as a single episode. We got a break from the Inn, our no so favorite characters, and the whole wedding overall. In addition to this, we got to relieve all of the “gasp” moments from the last few years.  Obviously, we are drawn to the mystery of how they eventually meet and what the mother has been up to in the meantime, which makes this ‘shake up’ 200th episode all the more exciting. What makes it great is how good Cristin Milioti is throughout.

How-Your-Mother-Met-Me_FULLThey’ve written her character to be this perfect fit for Ted. No, like literally she is the perfect woman for him and a saint. It could be pretty off putting, even if it’s told from Ted’s point of view, but Milioti makes it all work. She even made Ted look great again. She easily uses the backstory given to her (the death of her love Max) and integrated it seamlessly into her entire performance. It was heartfelt and real. It makes me believe that these characters, as terrible as they’ve become lately, deserve all the happiness in the world.

We’ll have to see what comes next and how it plays out, but this got me excited, once again, for the end. If only the first half was told from the mother’s point of view. I want more time with her.

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HIMYM – Bass Player Wanted (S9, Ep13)


Who would have thought that the “worst number,” 13, would produce the season’s best episode to date?  I am by no means saying that this was an all time great, but it was pretty good compared to recent efforts.

Marshall returned after meeting the mother.  It’s scenes like these that the season should be based around, but I’ll take them when I can get them. Andrew Rannells, who I really enjoy, served his purpose and the fights/make-up scenes made the characters look good for once.  They felt like a team of people who actually like each other again.

And of course, we end with a slap, so let’s hope this 2nd half can nail it.

Other thoughts:

  • Loved the “Pause” callback between Lily and Marshall.
  • Ted was the Ted I actually liked once upon a time.
  • Actually, so was Barney.
  • The mother is so likable, it’s silly to not use her.

This show executes the mushy, thoughtful moments way better than the funny moments, especially as of late.  The episodes surrounding these moments work so much better and draw on our love and inherent want for their success, so keep ’em coming if you can.

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HIMYM – Bedtime Stories (S9, Ep11)


I will always say that getting away from the Inn is never a bad thing.  This episode was extremely clever and did work on some levels.  On the other hand, it wasn’t very funny and it only prolonged Marshall’s return.

The continuous rhyming was clever and fun and didn’t get annoying as it had the opportunity many times.  Mentally it was a nice departure from what we’ve been getting.  I was happy to just sit back and enjoy, as the rhyming was a distraction from the mess that the show it now.

The thing is, all of the stories didn’t work for me, or at least only worked in places.  Robin’s cake story was by far the best of the three, but Barney is just too outrageous, even for a story that is purposefully over the top.  Once again, the mother wasn’t involved, so that was a disappointment, but all in all an adequate break from the usual drivel.

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HIMYM – No Questions Asked (S9, Ep7)

No Questions Asked

I have no idea what these writers are doing.  Forget that all these episodes stupidly take place on the same weekend at the Far Hampton Inn. Look away from the characters that are all larger than life mockeries of what they once were in earlier seasons.  Disregard the fact that Marshall is away and the bickering between Barney and Robin is unbearable.  Ignore the broad humor that doesn’t fit the characters anymore.  All you have to see is that these episodes aren’t funny.

When it comes down to it, this show is a half hour TV comedy and it is no longer funny.  Sure everything I told you to forget factors into it, but the jokes just fail.  We are asked to rely on our understanding of these characters for the laughs, but these are no longer the characters I want to see end happily ever after.  The one liners are dumber than ever.  The humor is so far below par that I don’t think it can be saved.

Bring back the mother OR bail on the Far Hampton idea.  The thing is–it may be too late.

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How I Met Your Mother –

The Poker Game

Sooooooooo, where’s the mother?  But seriously, don’t introduce an important factor into the mix, that substantially makes everything better, and then not use it at all.

Otherwise, this episode highlighted both the good, the bad, and the Ugly of why HIMYM works and doesn’t work at this late stage.

The Good: The jokes kinda/actually worked.  Everybody hiding and eavesdropping was pretty funny.  The flashbacks, for the first time in a long time, were pretty tightly wound into a story and even included some nice easter eggs (Katie Holmes as Slutty Pumpkin).  Additionally, the pizza joke, although outlandish, definitely made me smile.

The Bad: You really do wonder how this group of friends stayed so tight for so long, as they clearly hold so many passive aggressive grudges.  I understand that it is all for the sake of comedy, but there comes a point where “too much” has happened for ignorance to take over.  These character have become more and more insufferable to each other.  The evolution of the show’s characters and relationships should not be considered one of it’s strong points.

The Ugly: Barney and Robin, the center piece of what is presenting itself as a LONG season, are a terror to watch as a couple.  Barney’s realization when talking to James in the show’s emotional climax (like a Journey song) was actually quite nice.  Then, in recent HIMYM fashion, they deem his discovery obsolete by having Barney go way to far with it, throwing Robin under the bus.  Past versions of Barney would have learned his lesson and it would have ended with that, which is why we always believed him to be more than his disgusting self.  Now, he’s just a joke through and through.  And we already have Lily versus Marshall’s red-headed mom. Do we really need another one?

Other Thoughts:

  • Even though Robin has had some bad relationships in the past, most have been better than the way Barney treats her.  I have a hard time believing that despite having a ton in common, Robin would tolerate this behavior.  The stretches back a few seasons now.
  • Douche Ted was held to a minimum, but ultimately saved by the back and forth of the Thank You Note jokes.
  • I like that James is actually a pretty bad/selfish guy.  It adds a little bit of dynamic to he and Barney’s relationship.
  • Marshall NEEDS to be off that road trip. I just can’t do it anymore.

Bring Back The Mother!

Keep on Watchin’!