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Homeland – The Star (S3, Ep12)


UPDATE 12/27/13 – This episode has been bothering me for a while.  Since it has aired, I’ve been thinking about how… boring it was in hindsight.  Moments obviously stood out, but overall, it was dreadfully slow and dull.  I believe that Seasons 2 and 3 are what Homeland is, and will be in the future.  Season one, as a whole show, over performed. The acting has stayed excellent, but the story telling half way through Season 2 fell flat. I’m very interested in seeing how Season 4 will evolve or devolve, but as of right now, I’m glad to be taking a break from this show.



Let’s throw logic out the window because this show has clearly done that already.  Okay, we’ve done that? Good.

Where was this show the whole season? The last fourth of this season was full of excitement and actual mystery and intrigue.  The stories were stripped down as much as they could to feature the emotions and relationships of the character, especially Carrie and Brody.  They had some wonderful moments that led to the episode’s most heightened scene, the death of Nicholas Brody.

He’s dead and gone and got some really nice final scenes to say good-bye.  His story may have carried on a little too long, but when it worked, it WORKED.  Those scenes in Terhan were great and helped to keep the flow of this hour episode moving. I’m glad they killed him and it wasn’t too surprising.  It’ll help progress the story.

The chemistry between Carrie and Brody has always been exceptional, so it will be missed, but as a function of the story, he had to go.  I’m very interested to see how next year works.  It’s a blank page of opportunity.

The four months later sequence was nice, especially Carrie’s legit fear of being a mother.  Overall, this show wasn’t as good as it has been and probably won’t be ever again.  At least they’re still keeping it a little interesting.

Other thoughts:

  • No Dana? No Jessica? No problem.  That just goes to show you what a waste of time they were.
  • Really? Lockhart trusts Carrie? I mean, I don’t think she ever proved herself to him on a subordinate level.  She has been a nasty wild card, regardless of how consistently right she has been. Carrie, are you really gonna tell the random military guy that you know his boss?
  • How is security the easiest thing to get through in Tehran and Langley? How!?

Until next year on this one!

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