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Homeland – Yoga Play (S3, Ep5)


If you accept that fact that Carrie and Saul were in cahoot the entire time, then this episode was pretty engaging.  It seems ridiculous that they planned this from the very beginning, but it is what it is and it helps from a plot standpoint.  This week drew from what worked in seasons one and two (the thriller aspect of things) and incorporated it well.  From the yoga cover to the final sequence, I was enthralled with what was happening in front of me.

Saul just can’t catch a break, can he?  He’s being pushed out as CIA director and his distant wife is being not so distant with somebody else.  At least we’re meant to believe that.  His speech to the CIA head incumbent was pretty excellent.  What will happen to his play when he’s not in charge?

In the past, Dana’s antics have at least tied into the major plot lines.  When she was in the car with the VP’s son and they we’re involved in a hit and run, it linked directly with how Carrie still had a handle on Brody.  When he tried to turn his daughter in, Carrie stopped it to show us how much she owned this poor pathetic man.  Now, aside from Jessica seeking Carrie’s help, which didn’t actually help, it only put Carrie and her mission in danger, it seems like a dead end plot.  She came home on her own after discovering her boy-toy’s lies?  Are we supposed to believe that Carrie would still do anything for Brody?  That she would help his wife and children?  I don’t know.  It just seems like a chunk of time wasted again by Dana.  At least the yoga stunt was pretty exciting.

For the first time all season, I’m actually excited to see what happens to Carrie next week now that she’s really on her own having been “abducted.”

Keep on Watchin’!



Homeland – Uh… Oh… Ah… (S3, Ep2)

Episode 302
Bum. Bum. I want to take you to. Bum. Bum. …CRAZY TOWN!

Just some quick thoughts on Homeland’s second attempt this season.

Snooze Fest!

As a viewer, I’m having a very hard time attaching to any one story line.  I don’t care about Quinn and his demons, I’m over “crazy Carrie” as we’ve seen her before, and Saul is just eh.  Of course there have been a handful of moments that I appreciate: Saul confronting Carrie’s family or the final moment, but I am not impressed with the first two episodes.  There are no stakes that I’m emotional invested in.

The closest story I’m to engaged to is Dana’s, especially her monologue in the “redone” bathroom. The thing is, they cut the scene too early.  We barely get to a see a reaction from her mother or a rebuttal.  It was a beautiful moment from a child who is hurting and we don’t get to really explore this relationship when the time is right.  How disappointing.

It’a amazing how much this show misses the presence of Damian Lewis.  He carried these first two seasons as a nice balance to Carrie.  When suspense, depth, and mystery are removed, what are we left with? Pretty much boring CIA stuff and a woman off her meds with no foil to ground the rest of the show.

This should have been an extended mini-series because it’s going downhill fast.

Keep on Watchin’!


P.S. If Dana is pregnant I am not watching the show anymore.