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Game of Thrones – Mockingbird (S4, Ep7)

This was sibling week on Game of Thrones: A time for members of the same family with altered DNA to really re-live that wonderful bond of their youth—or not. Yeah—mostly not. Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion: BFFs! The Hound and the Mountain—always on Fire. Those Crazy Tully sisters and the Stark girls! So much brotherly/sisterly love!

As Arya and The Hound make their way to The Vale of Arryn, they are attacked by renegade Lannister soldiers. Arya’s list grows and shrinks by one and The Hound loses a little chunk of neck. We then get to hear the raw, genuine, and real story of The Hound’s burn injuries by the hand of his brother—The Mountain. We are reminded earlier in the meta conversation with the dying man that his attempt is to make a little coin for Arya in the end, but they’re much closer than that now. They are teaching each other about the gregor-the-mountain-cleganeimportant, little, and important little things. While opening up to Arya, The Hound shows her the scared and scarred little pup inside. He’s not the same as his beastly older brother.

Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane has been chosen by Cersei to fight to kill her brother. What a family affair! After meeting with Jaime and Bronn (in two outstanding scenes), Tyrion is visited by Oberyn. After another incredible scene/monologue (maybe the best of the season, on par with last year’s Jaime bath house monologue), Oberyn turns the tables on everything. The subtleties and emotional manipulation in his explanation of why tumblr_n5q409GpKm1r9h4heo1_500he will fight for Tyrion is truly a great work of art. I injected with the ‘monster’s’ jokes, humiliation, and anger, Oberyn wants to be on the same emotion level as his small comrade. They both hate the Lannister sister, but know what it is like to want revenge on your family. He will fight for Tyrion, as he knows the true malice of the Cersei and Tywin Lannister.

Well, Littlefinger made Lysa fly after his off-putting kiss with Sansa. Somebody was going through the moon roof no matter what, but now that crazy Lysa is out of the picture, what will happen next? The love for Catelyn that Littlefinger can’t let go of plusher sister’s intense jealousy equals a tragic ending for Robin’s breast feeding mother. Hopefully Sansa’s sister can get there to put some swords in more hearts.GOT407_092613_HS_DSC61841

  • There’s something to be said when characters learn of other’s characters whereabouts and doings. Hot Pie telling Brienne and Podrick about Arya was very satisfying.
  • I cannot wait for Brienne/Podrick and Hound/Arya to show up at Littlefinger’s front door.
  • Dany even makes a passing reference to her brother in talking to Jorah. (Remember her brother? He was yucky.) Also, she’s a very flp-floppy leader.
  • Game of Thrones - Episode 4.07 - Mockingbird - Promotional Photos (2)
  • The Stannis Ladies had their best (and first actually important) scene to date!
  • Poor John Snow. Still the fool—for now.


A lovely sibling rivalry episode—on of the better subdued episodes of the season. with some excellent pacing and scene work. This show is clicking on all cylinders and, per usual, can’t wait to see what happens next in two week.

Keep on Watchin’!