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Fargo – The Six Ungraspables (S1, Ep5)

As the plot continues to move forward, just as the brewing storm is pushing toward our favorite small town peoples, Fargo has reached a point that has made me feel better about where it all stands. While the acting is top notch, as it has been the entire run to this point, and the story narratives have become more and more interesting, there is still a missing spark. Doesn’t it feel like everything seems to be unfolding the way it should be happening, as opposed to feeling natural and organic?

Now that Lester is in the hospital, with his hand intact, he’s getting closer to being officially fargo1caught, now that Molly has closed the gap on what she believes to be his crime. I have a feeling that he’s going to accidentally give himself up for his wife’s murder. And boy oh boy, I could feel the blinding pain of his hand through the TV. Woof!

Molly, on the other hand—PUN!, finally gets her chief to see the investigation more clearly. In this scene, if Bill didn’t see the light that Molly was bestowing upon him, I don’t think I Fargo-The-Six-Ungraspablescould comfortably continue with the show. I know that the characters we follow are the “smarter ones,” but after they let Lorne Malvo go free, I don’t know if I would believe that he wouldn’t listen to actual facts. Now that’s he’s on the same page as Molly, I am satisfied enough to continue on in believing the next steps.

We see a little bit of Stavros putting his money together, unlike Bill, not listening to important information (from his son), as well as the two hit men. What we do get a large amount of is Gus, his neighbor, and an impending showdown with Lorne.  The late night story sequence, with in the same realm as the Dybbuk Opening Scene story from ‘A Serious Man’ (another Cohen Bros Movie), is a nice moment between two neighbors. It allows us to see deeper into Gus’s state of mind, while reminding us about the type on community all of these Minnesotans live in and how much of a shock all of these bad men are to their system. (So much listening—or not listening in this episode) I assume that the title comes from the use of this parable?

6542_Fargo_105The final sequence with the neighbor and Lorne may be the most unsettling of these encounters to far, as we now are invested in Gus, his daughter, and his world. If you can’t feel safe in your home or town, where can you?

I am still interested to see where everything is headed and if we get any sort of spark to really set this show on fire—even with all the snow.

Keep on Watchin’!