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Webseries Review: Beth and Charly

I think you all should watch ‘Beth and Charly’. No, but really. There are a ton of webseries out there, but ‘Beth and Charly’ is a well produced, excellently executed, fun six episodes.

Following the comeback attempt of former child star Charly (Shauna Goodgold) and her overwhelmed assistant/friend Beth (Elizabeth Seldin), ‘Beth and Charly’ is easy to consume at the just under 25-minute running time for all six episodes. Sure, you’ve seen this premise done before, but this series successfully dissects it on a smaller scale. And please, you know you just binge watched 13 episodes of ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ and ‘Jessica Jones’ and probably ‘SVU’ on USA, so you have time for this gem.

Goodgold and Seldin, who also wrote and produced the series, are a delight to watch. The easy chemistry and comic timing of the two quickly informs their backstory, which is so important in empathizing with characters in the limited time we spend with them. Goodgold’s quick, under her breath, quips coupled with Seldin’s seemingly apathetic reactions are a great one two punch. The guest spots from Jeremy Jordan (Supergirl/Newsies) and Andrew Chapplle (Hamilton) are a nice treat, but also don’t distract from the two girls as the main event.

Sure, all the jokes don’t land, but the charm of the stars allows for overlooking because when the humor does work, it’s belly laughingly good. It’s a great amount of fun packed into a manageable amount of binging with believable and interesting character arcs. (Sadly that’s missing from many webseries.)  When it comes to the internet, it’s the small, well done things infused with passion that can make your day. ‘Beth and Charly’ is one of them.

Above is the embedded first episode. You can find them all on BroadwayWorld.com. Take a watch. You’ll enjoy the hell out of it.

Keep on Watchin’!