The Best Earth Day Movie Ever


Happy Earth Day everybody!

I wanted to celebrate by watching one of my favorite Earth Day films: ‘Independence Day’.

“EARTH DAY MOVIE?!” you say. “You’re insane. It’s call ‘Independence Day’! It’s about independence. There’s a memorable speech!”

You’re wrong. It’s an Earth Day movie and the title is a misnomer.

Let’s break it down. Sure the movie takes place during the July 4th weekend, but it has nothing to do with alien colonization. It’s just a marketing scheme because the movie opened on July 4 weekend and made a ton of money. The movie aliens don’t want to enslave us and make us dependent on them like the movie producers wanted. Their goal is to destroy the humans and take the Earth’s natural resources. Devastate our Earth. Despite a chill inducing speech by Bill Pullman’s President about “our Independence Day,” it’s about about staving off a human holocaust and protecting the Earth. We won and celebrated. If that’s not an Earth Day movie, I don’t know what is…

And now, here’s the trailer for the sequel we don’t need and won’t be good.

Happy Earth Day! Keep On Watchin’