Parenthood – We Made It Through The Night (S6, Ep12)


The baby’s name is Zeek. It wasn’t too hard to guess, but still, I can officially retire.  Next week’s series finale can just be the cherry on top of my proverbial ‘Parenthood’ cake. Now all I need is an ending that can satisfy and tie up six season of some of my favorite television programming. No big deal. But for now, we can discuss the penultimate episode of what will be a hard show to bid farewell.

As we venture into a TV landscape without our favorite Berkley clan, the Bravermans are looking to the future of their own lives. These characters are starting to reflect and beginning to question their life decisions, both past and present. How do they directly relate to the days or years ahead? Joel and Julia, Zeek and Camille, Sarah and Hank, Kristina and Adam, Crosby and Jasmine, and the entire student body of Chambers Academy are laying the groundwork for what comes next. Marriage, babies, fighting, jobs, passions, and surgeries are all in question in episode 12 of season six.

Kristina just had to get a word in with Jasmine, didn’t she? I don’t judge Kristina for that move in the waiting room, as she’s always ready to take some sort of action as much as Jasmine, but Jasmine was asking for it with some sort of confirmation that everything was okay. There’s a part of her that knew inserting herself was a bad move, even if it only momentarily revived the Luncheonette. She really did guilt Adam back into the studio, but that’s on him. This is something Crosby and Adam needed to hash out with honest conversations. As the episode progressed, it became more and more clear that the business is over. A heartbroken Crosby doesn’t want the business just to have it, when Adam doesn’t feel the passion for it. It was always about the two of them and just like in a romantic relationship, it has to be 50-50. Will the two of them fully reconcile next week? Will they each figure out what’s next or will we be left to wonder how they will pay for Cornell and Hogwarts? If anything, at least the show seems to be taking a different approach with this storyline.

It was nice to finally see something actually happening at Chambers Academy. Actually, this paragraph is going to be short because, as you know, I dislike this aspect of the show and there are Parenthoodbetter things to write about. Fine, I’ll try to talk about it positively. It was great to see that there were mentors to help the kids, as I’ve still never seen a teacher yet–especially the one that Julia slept with last year. (Her first post-Joel fling.) I liked that Adam and Kristina are looking forward to Max and all of the other kids’ future. Max clings to the 85% statistic, as it is a number that he can understand. Kristina and Adam may not have gotten through to him just yet, but they know it’s a journey that’s just starting now. Chamber’s has an amazing dance studio that houses Kristina and Jasmine’s ‘head-nod reconciliation’. Oh I’m done with the nice. Ave Maria/Souffle montage? Too much. WAY too much–except for Adam’s slow motion dance. That may have been worth it. Let’s hope this is the last of the school, forever.

No matter how you see it, Joel and Julia going out to hash it out in the car is a very good thing. There’s a passion they rediscovered for each other that they’re working to keep around. If only they worked it out BEFORE they told the kids it’ official! There are struggles that they’ll have to face: their ‘magic numbers’, lingerie bought for Chris, Chris and work, but they recognize those obstacle. (Keep in mind: all Julia issues.) Victor asked some great questions that deserve to be worked on for the sake of all four Graham members. By taking the negative energy out of the house, it will save them from going to bed angry. It makes the bedroom and house a safe space. Going to the car may be a key to make their marriage and family last a long time.

It’s been a while, but you got me again ‘Parenthood’. When Sarah lays her concerns on the table to Hank, revealing she wants to get married soon and close to home so that Zeek can walk her down the aisle–my tear ducts started to work overtime. Sarah’s transformation over these six seasons has been one of the bigger ones. Now that she’s 4284036c997d2547061f2eb48fb3settling down with Hank and in a wonderful scene with a terrified Amber, shows calm, instills trust commands a motherly demeanour, Sarah is no longer the unstable person we we first met in 2010. After all of those poor decisions and love triangle, she better! Was anybody else a tad nervous that something bad was going to happen when Amber asked her to come alone? Everything’s okay though because the baby’s name is Zeek!

I never actually thought Zeek was going to get the surgery, but he’ shown a great deal of inner strength to be dealing with big life choices in less stubborn ways. Zeek has also been conserving energy, instead of expelling it. He backs away from the waiting room fight and leave the dinner table (#originalsix) when his kids started to get out of control. Usually he’d jump right 5633316a0919a3a70dd9a15cc456in, but if he only has a limited amount of time left, Zeek sure as hell doesn’t want to spend it bickering. I found it interesting that breaking of the news to the four children wasn’t shown. It seems like a missed tearjerking moment. Then again, we’ve seen the kids react to his decision before. Maybe it would be too redundant–an explosion of opinions, telling him that he’s making a mistake? However, this time, I imagine they were all accepting of his decision. Millie, with her super cool hat and hip portraits of a younger? Zeek, respects his decision, but only reads as heartbroken. Their early hike scene is heartbreaking, as Zeek can’t symbolically make it to end, so they enjoy the view from where they are on the mountaintop. Camille and Zeek know they need to take in the little moments where ever they may be, like when they lock eyes while meeting their great-grandchild for the first time. While we knew he was going to be baby Zeek, Zeek Sr’s (can I call him that now?) tongue-tied look of shock and honor is beautiful. I’m so glad the the Zeeks got to meet. Who knows how long they’ll have together.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that nobody dies next week. If anybody, Zeek dies after the wedding. I foresee no surprises, as this last episode is a prep for what come next, not necessarily a starting line. Maybe they jump forward in time at the end to show what everybody is up to down the line? We’ll have to wait and see, but this week they’re all making moves forward. Also, the baby’s name is Zeek.

Next week I’ll be dedicating most of my posts to the Thursday night finale. Stay tuned as we say goodbye to the Bravermans!

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