A Few Thoughts on The New STAR WARS Trailer


A few thoughts on the brand spankin’ new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer from this past weekend.

If you haven’t watched it yet, please do yourself a pop-culture favor and watch it now:

It’s awesome. Okay, that’s it.

Who am I kidding?! I’ve never kept my opinions that short. Seeing all of this brand new footage gets me excited for more reasons beyond “it looks awesome.” We have no idea what is actually coming–think about it. When The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith came out, we still knew more or less what to expect (regardless of the quality of how those stories were told). Those three movies had to set up A New Hope with characters we already knew and loved. Long before the first movie came out in 1999, we understood that Ewan McGregor was playing Obi-Wan Kenobi, Liam Neeson was Qui-Gon Jin, etc. Now, compare that to now. Aside from Ford, Hamill, Fisher and other

For the record, I love this lightsaber. Are the Sith creating make-shift sabers?
For the record, I love this lightsaber. Are the Sith creating make-shift sabers?

returning actors, we have no idea which actors are playing what roles. Even if we knew, they’re brand new characters, as the expanded universe is being thrown out the window. (I’d also like to say I’ve seen the leaked art and read all of the plot rumors, but we still really don’t know what to expect.) We are no longer stuck with certain characters who can’t die for plot reasons, creating false stakes for three movies. Hopefully the identities of the characters and their function to the plot will be kept a secret until December 2015.

Pure Happiness…

What interests me the most though is what it will be like to see a Star Wars movie with a new style. Even from the trailer you can see and feel a difference in the action. From the beautiful sweeping x-wing shot, to the shakey-cam stormtrooper sequence, we’re in for a treat. Aside from the historic special effects, most of the old movies are devoid of style. (Panning sideswipe transitions only go so far for me.) Viewing this world through the eyes of the greatest current high profile fan boy is going to blow our collective minds. I’m very excited to see this for first time with all of you.

Only a little over a year to go. No big deal. Now to watch it 1,000 more times…

Keep on Watchin’!


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  1. I cannot wait for the release. Where are you watching it? I may have to actually go to a Manhattan theatre to see it, for the total experience.

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