Fargo – The Heap (S1, Ep8)

Fargo, over the last few episodes, has picked up its pace in every department. The action, the character arcs, the relationships, the suspense, the pain, the gore, and the everything. This show is getting better as it goes along, both separating itself from the movie, while fargo-the-heap_article_story_largebeautifully moving right beside it. All now that all of my earlier issues have disappeared, I now my viewing is purely enjoyable. When’s the last time anybody said that about a TV show? I am both surprised and gleeful.

Just as everything was both falling apart or coming together for people (Molly’s case was crumbling as her connection to Gus was on the up and up; Lester wronged his brother as he finally began to change his life around, etc), we get the great Battlestar Galactica trick—The Time Jump. We’ve seen this employed for better or for worse before, but it seems that the Fargo writers have a true handle on how they will creatively use this reset.

It’s something I did not expect at all (like most of us), but looking at what they’ve done makes a great deal of sense. If the 2006 story were to continue day by day, we all probably could have predicted what was going to happen more or less. The psychological drama would have been fit for140604-0003-649x360 the TV medium and Lester either would be caught or not, Molly and Gus would be together or not, so on and so forth. Some death there, gore here, semi happy ending—maybe. But jumping a year into the future, some of these questions still have yet to be answered, but I’ll be damned—it’s so much more interesting.

These character’s experiences in 2006 have informed so much of their e0c1e1e4024b4397c3c4618c60fdc5ddpain/success/outlook that we can get back to the same investigation, but with an immense amount of depth–way more than keeping this in the shorter time frame. It’s a deeper cat and mouse than we’ve seen before with Lester vs Molly (who is more Marge than ever here). Will Malvo be Lester’s undoing again? Will Molly get the break she needs from the Fargo agent/file clerks? Will we see Stavros again? This is one of the Fargo - Episode 1_08 - The Heap - Promotional Photos (7)_595_slogomany reasons why TV storytelling is great and unique. They both made their story stronger and trimmed the fat in one foul swoop. (The episode also sets the stage for what is to come perfectly after the jump.)

Like Bill’s story of randomly finding his foster child years later in a Phoenix Farms, the past will always sneak up on you in the future/present. Now, with only two episodes left, I can’t wait to see what happens!

Keep on Watchin’!