Fargo – Eating the Blame (S1, Ep4)

Just a short little review of this week’s Fargo.

fargo-recap-eating-the-blame-martin-freemanFargo has gotten stronger as the series has progressed. While its plots are moving in an entertaining direction, for me its overall success has been in the characters. As Gus and Molly truly begin to team up and the two hitmen get locked up with Lester, I become more and more engaged. (Even Lester is less annoying as he grows a backbone.)

  • Billy Bob’s Malvo Lorne stole the hour this week. Were there a ton of holes in his story? Yes. Did it matter? No, because he was so committed and the cops are so–naive? (Would he have really written his real name in the motel book?) Plus, he had to get away, so we could see his most destructive prank yet.
  • Loved the tie into the movie. It made sense, creating an succinct expanded universe fargo-eating-the-blame_article_story_largewhere characters that we remember and love live in.
  • Some of the small town banter that works well in the movie is really grating the more it’s used every week in the show. It’s getting tough to watch people get dumber and dumber in places for this long.
I can’t say that I’m addicted to this show. I’m more intrigued, but that’s good enough, yeah?
Keep On Watchin’!