New Girl – Cruise (S3, Ep23)

In the New Girl season 3 finale, all of our favorite characters continually pointed out that Jess and Nick’s situation as being weird. While that is true, weird is also a great way to describe a few other things:

  • Coach’s incredibly hilarious fear of boats.
  • Winston in general.
  • Some of the jokes.
  • This third season overall.

I’ll get to this season after a few words on this episode, which was a perfect microcosm for imgresthe show right now. This finale, while funny in places, felt incomplete and overplayed. We’ve already seen the Cece/Schmindt dance, the lonely/crazy Winston, the Jess/Nick breakup blues, so as a finale this didn’t exceed anything we’ve viewed already for finale status. These plots, jokes, and gags didn’t play as well and overall the episode felt sloppy. In the end, nothing came together in an exciting finale way. Jess and Nick reached a coda that they’ve already hit before earlier in the season. ‘Cruise’ had an air of relief to it, as if the writers were like, “okay, let’s take a breath and figure it out for season 4.”  I just want to reiterate, I still laugh while watching the show.

This season didn’t work overall (the first half more than the second), but I understand how much of this was some sort of experiment—figuring out Jess and Nick while Coach returns new-girl-cruise-imgand Schmidt moving out. They also left Cece far behind in the dust. I can only assume they’ll figure out how to perfectly balance everybody. If next season gets back to the quality of season two (or even late season one), I’ll be happy. I still enjoy visiting these characters for a half hour every week, so I can’t wait to see them again. Even if Nick and Schmidt getting bunk beds is the thing I have to look forward to for season 4.

NitPick Corner:

  • I’m very excited for Damon Wayans Jr to be a full cast member next season because, if anything, his afraid of boats sequence with Oscar Nunez was incredible.
  • How long are they going to milk Cece dating the young guy and Schmidt letting her ‘live’ from the shadows? However, I do like that the writers are taking their time imgresbefore figuring out the Cece/Schmidt relationship again. I just wish it wasn’t as repetitive.
  • Of course Cece was looking at Schmidt like that…
  • Winston, as crazy odd as he’s become, is really funny. He’s this totally weird lone wolf. At least we know he dreams of making out with himself.
  • I want to see the footage from inside their three day cabin lockin!

I’m excited to revisit these characters, but I’m also happy to let the writing team regroup.

Keep on watchin’!