Game of Thrones – Oathkeeper (S4, Ep4)

Well, well, well. Things just got a little more interesting.  Bran’s path to find his brother may have just gotten both harder and easier, we know who killed the king, and Dany’s army keeps growing. In turn, the show continually gets

Dany’s unsullied soldiers break into the city to finalize the instigation of an overthrow. Once again, the director stages a simple, well executed moment to represent the entirety of the coup and it is wonderful. Dany’s sense of justice and ability to be a fair leader has changed, so this is a issues to watch as she gets closer to her goal. However, it was nice to see a full portion of scenes in this neck of the woods. We’re building to something huge, I just don’t know when we’ll get there.

Jaime, caught between his sister and brother, decides to, well, side with himself. By sending Brienne out to protect Sansa, he’s staying true to the only thing he knows–his self imposed honor. She even names her sword after him! Woo!

The Jaime and Cersei’s scene didn’t necessarily follow up to last week’s Jaime_Season_4rape scene in a clear way, so I don’t know how to feel about that. It should probably have been more clear, as it is a huge part of Jaime’s growth, or lack their of, character wise.  Cersei did basically disown him, but there was an element, knowing what has just transpired, missing in that scene for me. But now, will Jaime side with his brother fully and attempt to help him against Cersei’s rage? Regardless, the Jaime and Tyrion scenes are always spot on, so I hope we get more of them. (I miss Peter Dinkladge as a more prominent part of each episode.) The King Slayer Brothers–great band name.

So, I guess Littlefinger did it? But, how did the jewel get into the wine? He took him out because his relationship with the Tyrell family? Was it Margery Tyrell that helped Littlefinger. No, it was Lady Olenna Tyrell who planned it all. Littlefinger just helped set it all up for both a new ally and to get Sansa for himself as he sails to marry her aunt.(That was my thought process verbatim.) Well see what is real motive is, but there is hope for a game-of-thrones-season-4-episode-descriptions-hboSansa/Arya reunion in the making. I’m enjoy the fact that this wasn’t an ongoing mystery–who killed Joffery. Now  it’s been exposed, it can filter into the relationships of others.  Especially Margery and Olenna, now that Margery is attempting to get in with the new king as soon as possible in secret.

Another potential step forward is the possibility of another Stark reunion. John Snow and Bran are also on their way to being reunited. The savage Knight’s Watch above the wall have taken Bran as their prisoner and heightening the level of stakes, making their story line more exciting than it’s been in a while. All of this while John is on his way to a probably mutiny from his crew–or at least Jaime’s handcutter, posing as a knights watch to get Bran. I guess it’s never a good time to be a Stark. It’s amazing how with the drop of a hat, all of the narratives jumped leaps in their engagement levels. And poor Hordor. Why must everybody be so mean!!!!

oathkeeper7We are left with the white walkers. (Shouldn’t everybody be a little more concerned that there are horrible monsters waiting to attack?) In a really freaky-deaky ending moment, we are shown that they are converting the babies to frost giants–not eating them! The humans are literally handing  them over an army.  Whoops!

NitPick Corner:

  • Only a handful of people not discussed this week. Good thing that Stannis and Theon/Reek aren’t at the top of my must list.
  • Phew! At least Bronn and Jaime still get to practice.
  • I hope that the wolves eat Bran’s keepers.
  • What is Dany going to do with all these people if she wins the throne back for her family.

I swear, I am always amazed at how quickly that hour goes by, as I devour every second of it.  Another great episode that makes me lose all track of time.

Keep on Watchin’!