Fargo – The Rooster Prince (S1, Ep2)

This week’s Fargo introduced us to new characters and plots, while building on the pilot’s excellent start. Now that the excitement of the Fargo pilot has worn off, I question where this series is going. I know it’s only episode two, but I’m curious what the point of this series is, as my interest dropped off a little this week.

imagesIntrigued by our new hitman duo, as well as Oliver Platt’s Grocery King, I still see a bright season ahead.  Russell Harvard’s Mr. Wrench and Adam Goldberg’s Mr. Numbers (I like to imagine them as the Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd of Fargo) are a nice addition, as they search for Hess’s killer. Platt as Stavros Milos is just another brilliant casting choice that advances the quality of this show’s acting. These two new wrinkles in the fabric of Fargo is a welcome treat. Building on top of what the pilot presented, the infasturcture of the show is getting stronger. It’s also creating an similar viewing experience to the film: The audience knows 99% of what is happening. There are no mysteries for us, but we get the pleasure of watching it all unfold.

While the excellent Fargo continues to engage, as mentioned before, I wonder where this series will go. Some plots are seemingly predictable (Lester and Molly and Gus).  I mean, we’ve not only seen the movie, but have experienced this type of dynamic many times over. Characters have a lot of generic traits, so I’m still waiting for the moment when I truly start believing that each person is more than just those quirks.  A show needs to be able to build this people up andimages-1 tear them down, but as of right now I am impressed with the show, but need a little bit more before I fully buy in to the hoopla. Last week I was over the moon for the show, and over all I think I still am, especially as we add all of the new puzzle pieces. This week, I am more concerned about this show paving its own way and not just being a concoction of great scene work.

NitPick Corner:

  • Malvo’s conversations with public employees continues to impress and the way he takes his power to the next level is incredibly entertaining: ala his bathroom duties.
  • Molly and Bill’s back and forth is getting a little old, so hopefully that branches into something more than run of the mill boss disagreement, etc.)
  • Gotta love Glenn Howerton playing a new version of Dennis.

There’s a great frame work and interconnection of plot, but I’m having trouble finding the spark.  In this short mini-series of  show, I’m sure I’ll get a better feel for the show sooner than later.

Keep on Watchin’!