Game of Thrones – Breaker of Chains (S4, Ep3)

After two excellent episodes to start this fourth season, highlighted by one of the better extended sequences the show has ever produced, the third installment kept the Westeros momentum movie forward. Following such an important moment so early in the season is a tricky thing. Most truly shocking deaths have occurred in the penultimate episodes of seasons, so the finales almost act as prologues to the next one. As the fourth episode that needs to keep the flow and momentum, “Breaker of Chains” accomplishes that feat and more.

Aside from starting immediately from where we left off to capture our attention, the storydead-joffrey lines followed in this hour were the most interesting of the entire lot. Sansa, essentially being kidnapped by Littlefinger (in his first Season 4 appearance) is in the middle of something way above her head. What does he want with her? Did he kill Jeoffry? Is he working for somebody in return for Sansa?
The misadventures of the best paring of characters, Arya and The Hound, are always a welcome treat. Realistically, I’d love for their shenanigans to be featured in every episode.  Their ‘one-shot’ misadventures are not only fun, but, recently, have been a nice balance of The Hound’s cynicism and Arya’s ever fading hope and good nature. This week’s farmer situation is a perfect example. I mean, I really loved it because that’s how I eat strew
While the Castle Black and Wildling situation dealt mostly with maneuvers and what is to come (following the brutal attack), Sam and Gilly have evolved into an emotionally complex story. As secondary ‘love stories’ go for most TV shows, Sam and Gilly, or should I say Silly, is pulling off the emotional ride. She can’t her own experiences from how she was treated above the wall and Sam cares to the point of not being able to be with her at all times. It’s working as a corollary to the other Castle Black plotting.
Lena Headey probably gives her best performance as Cersei in the powerful moments before her brother controversially rapes her in the cathedral in front of their dead son. Her silence as Tywin, her father, bashes Joffery’s leadership and temperament is cutting. As Tywin begins to build the trust between himself and his grandson, the new king. (It was also a nice history lesson/recap for viewers) The evolution and shift of everybody’s pain24x521.jpg and how that coincided with the lighting of that scene. Jaime and Cersei have one of the most complicated relationships on TV and all they do it add fuel to that fire.
The final sequence of the evening was very entertaining, but the ‘surprises’ shot over the wall made a great last image. When the screen went blank, I didn’t even realize that it had been an hour. I was incredible engaged and felt as if no time had passed at all. I do however, as great as the moments are, would like for something more to happen to Dany and her crew.
NitPick’s Corner:
  • Some wonderful moment from Tyrion with his squire.
  • Davos on the island feels like a 
  • I feel like Dany’s dragons just disappear all the time
  • Who Done It? But really WHO!?
  • Bran’s story has to step up. Even with Hordor because he’s the only thing I look forward to when it comes back.
  • Arya has become an excellent little liar!

Keep on watchin’!