Nashville – Tomorrow Never Comes (S2, Ep10)



As much as I wanted you to laugh at the sentence, I actually am interested.  This episode actually reinvigorated my desire to watch this show, but it also highlighted just how lame the music has been.  90% of this episode took place at a music festival and we barely got any music.  I mean, we got that wonderful Avery and Juliette moment, as well as a hint of Deacon/Gunnar, but overall, I wasn’t digging it.

The drama on the other hand ranged from I Don’t Care to OOoooo, Give Me More!

I could care less about Gunnar and Zoe and Scarlett.  They are stupid and they’re acting stupid, which I guess is normal.  I just still don’t accept Zoe into the group.  Sorry.

Scarlett, Avery, and Juliette on the other hand got really good as the emotions and relationships are genuine.  Their last moment was pretty outstanding.

Rayna starting up Highway 65 for herself is probably a terrible idea. – Kinda care

Deacon with a solo career? I’m in!

Will DYING!?  – Ballsy, but interesting move.

Peggy Dying!? YES PLEASE!

I’ll definitely be tuning in again, but they’re Walking the Line.  (See what I did there?)

Keep on Watchin’



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